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May 15, 2020

Museum blisters or how to prevent wasting of resources in difficult times! Conference

INTERCOM and ICOM SEE in cooperation with the national committees of ICOM in the region of South East Europe are offering an online webinar on 20th May in recognition of International Museum Day. This year’s International Museum Day topic stresses the issues of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion- but-museums also meet a lot of challenges in performing their everyday duties.


In difficult times such as the present pandemic, it becomes extremely important how you use your resources in order to fulfil the important social role of museums. However, as the administrative burden grows it leaves less space for creative work. In order to discuss the issues that challenge trouble museum leaders in South East Europe, ICOM SEE and INTERCOM are organising a webinar: Museum blisters or how to prevent wasting of resources in difficult times! The target group is are museum directors and heads of departments.


The webinar focuses on the experience provided within the INTERCOM network and the identified difficulties in the region of South East Europe. This webinar will begin with some reflections on the challenges which museums leaders have faced during the closure of museums and the even greater challenges they face as museums begin to open their doors again. It will then introduce an INTERCOM project which is seeking to better understand the experience of museum leaders in both ‘normal’ and ‘exceptional’ times and how INTERCOM can best provide future support. The second part of the webinar will address the experience of some museum directors in the region of South East Europe.




Wednesday 20 MAY at 10.00 a.m. (CET)

Duration: 2 hours

Language: English


Pre-register your interest by sending an email to:  no later than 18 May 2020. Registered participants will get the certificate of attendance.

Zoom meeting link

Meeting ID: 925 5050 7471

Password: 932402



Preparedness is vital in any disaster  management and many museums have response strategies. However, the COVID 19 pandemic showed how rapidly unprecedented situations can affect our work and life in general.  The webinar will focus on identified challenges and explore how museums are backed up by their authorities. The chosen speakers will provide practical information and every day examples  important in using your resources wisely and deciding what messages can museums can send to their funders and decision- makers in order to balance different requests.


Alenka Černelič Krošelj (ICOM SEE), Goranka Horjan (INTERCOM), Marek Prokupek (INTERCOM), Kaja Širok (ICOM Slovenia), Virgil Stefan Nitulescu (ICOM Romania), Carol Ann Scott, independent consultant and ICOM Executive Board Member



Posavje Museum Brežice, Andreja Matijevc: