SEE Red List



Johnny Maroun, ICOM Red List staff member sent the requests to the RA MEMBERS regarding the continuation of the project and the following documents:

A guidelines document that should allow the identification the profile of experts to contact . This document will also allow the experts to understand what are the Red Lists and what is required of them. 

A preliminary Excel sheet of objects that is established based on a research of objects that could be at risk and that are possibly available in the art market. The objects used in this sheet are from different sources, such as law enforcement databases, museums websites and auction houses websites. Its only purpose is to illustrate the objects that are potentially at risk. The next step is to select the categories that actually are at risk and the categories that should also be added, based on the following criteria:

a) The object or the site where it was found has been or is at risk of being illegally excavated

b) The object should be protected by national laws

c) The object should be in demand on the art market

ICOM is finalizing the list of national and international experts of SEE cultural heritage, so please feel free to suggest names of experts we should include in our list.


Contact and more info:

Johnny Maroun

Red List Programme Coordinator

T +33 1 47 34 61 46

F +33 1 43 06 78 62