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August 19, 2022

INTERCOM Sessions in Partnership with ICOM SEE Conference

(part one, part two, part three)


In an age marked by numerous challenges, INTERCOM offers a possibility to discuss difficult leadership challenges museums are facing today.  Short dynamic sessions offer participants an opportunity to interact and take part in panels and discussions.  Both sessions include different presentation formats – research results, book promotion and short presentations to generate exchanges among the experts and participants. The central topic is leadership.  From fostering the resilience of institutions and building digital competences to taking care of the health of our planet and taking part in regeneration of our economies and societies – museums roles matter much more than we can think of.  Selected speakers will present various experiences to support museum leaders in building capacity that will work in new circumstances. The sessions will help cultivate within leaders the essential skills to lead their organizations in difficult time such as active listing and agile monitoring which help set the conditions in which museums can ideally operate. Taking the pulse with INTERCOM  is a good step to make and can help you to make a  proper museum diagnosis. Join INTERCOM and see how it works – ICOM  General Conference offers you this unique possibility for exchange.

The session is organized with following partners: ICOM SEE, ICOM ZAMBIA, ICOM CZECH REPUBLIC, and ICOM INDIA.

Programme  – Part 1 on 22 August 16.00 – 17.30 (Congress Centre)

16.00 Promotion of the publication “MUSEUM LEADERSHIP – TAKING THE PULSE 2021, Museum leaders speak: INTERCOM’s research into museum leadership worldwide”

Welcome words: Goranka Horjan, INTERCOM Chair

Presenters: Lizzy Moriarty  and  Marek Prokupek, members of the research team

16.20. Presentations by participants

  1. Leadership and digital transformation – moderation Carol Ann Scott and Lizzy Moriarty

Keynote presentation: Seb Chan and LoicTallon): The Future of Digital: How Should Leadership Engage, Australia, Seb Chan, Chief Experience Officer, Australian Centre for the Moving Image; Loic Tallon is former Chief Digital Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey.

Polina Nikolaou and Monika Asimenou and Dr Ioanna Hadjicosti: Collaborative practices in digital innovation: a key process of sustainable museum management as proposed by the Horizon 2020 program “ReInHerit”. Cyprus, Postdoctoral Researcher, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Sofia Widmann and Olga Tykhonova: Empowering museum leadership through digital culture, Austria, Founder & CEO, MUSEUM BOOSTER

Xiaomin Zhang: From Virtual to Hyperreal——exploration of the digita spectacles of Thousand Miles From the Mountain Viewis in the context of the Covid-19, China, postdoctoral fellow, National Museum of China

Rémy Jarry: Featuring Museums in Hip-Hop and K-Pop Music Videos to Leverage Artistic Consecration

Thailand, senior lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, & the Catholic University of Paris


Discussion  with audience

Programme – Part 2 on 23 August 16.15 – 17.45 (Congress Centre)

Experts from the leadership project moderate the session: Anne-Marie Gillis and Martha Ikabongo

  1. Leadership and Trust

Shelly Hsiang-Chun Wang: From Leadership to Successful Collaboration In Museum: Shared Understanding, Inclusion and Trust; Taiwan, PhD student, National Taiwan University

Flora Maravalhas: The Social Impact Commitment of Cultural Organizations, Portugal, Researcher, National Plan for the Arts / University of Lisbon, National Museum of Quatar

Peiyi Lyu: Exploring the hybrid art-business operating model in China: A case study of UCCA Dune Art Museum, UK, PhD candidate, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK

  1. Leading in Difficult Times

Richard V. Piacentini: The Climate Toolkit: A Collaborative Approach for Museums to Address Climate Change, USA, President and CEO, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Chen-hsiao CHAI: The Challenges and Risk Management Confronting Museums during the Pandemic Crisis: With “The Earthly Pond” jointly held by National Museum of History and Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum as an example, Taiwan, Chief of Collection Division, National Museum of History (Taiwan)

Adéla Machová: Team Leadership in an Art Museum Environment, Czech Republic, executive manager and assistant professor, The Ústí nad Labem House of Arts of the Faculty of Art and Design UJEP


Programe – part 3  25th August  10.00. – 13.00, National Museum of Agriculture – Presentations and  director’s round table – Taking the Pulse

Gathering at 8.30 for coffee and snacks

9.00 Introduction and welcome Director Novak and Chair Horjan

Moderation: Cristina Vannini

Keynote speaker: Leading a successful transformationMr Novak Director of the National Museum of Agriculture, Prague

Jacqueline Strauss: Squirrels, elephants and unicorns – innovation and agility in thought and action at the Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland, director, Museum of Communication

Fatma Soliman: Power Of New Museums, Grand Egyptian museum, Egypt, Director of Accessibility at Grand Egyptian museum

Amna Abdulaziz  J.H. Al-Thani: Museums, Technology, and Social Corporate Responsibility: A Case Study from the National Museum of Qatar, Qatar, Acting Deputy CEO of Museums, Collections & Heritage Protection and Director of NmoQ

Natalija Polenec: Slovene Ethnographic Museum – Going out of the box: Slovenia, Director – Slovene Ethnographic Museum,

Elisa Bruttini: Managing a museum network: a matter of balance. The case study of Fondazione Musei Senesi, Italy, Director, Fondazione Musei Senesi

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break

11.00  – 12. 00 Moderation: Alenka Černelić Krošelj

Barbara Juršič, Technical Museum of Slovenia – the Empowerment of Culture and Society, Slovenia, Director, Technical Museum of Slovenia

Dr. Wang  Chunfa, Museum’s Exploration and Practice in Economic and Social Development in the Spirit of Openness and Cooperation, China, Director, National Museum of China

Noel Lwoga: Strategic Management Approach in African Museums: A Case Study of National Museum of Tanzania, Tanzania, Director General, National Museum of Tanzania

12.00. – 13.00. Directors‘ round table and discussion moderated by Anne Marie Gillis and Marek Prokupek

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Guided tour of the Museum

15.00 INTERCOM Plenary meeting (for members only) – onsite meeting

  1. Elections of the new Board
  2. Reports





How founders and owners support your museums plays a vital part in running your institution in general. This session deals with governance and management issues.  INTERCOM is committed to introduction of an appropriate governance code and explores good governance practices through research and exchange with museums. Therefore, our session will focus on discussion and exchange. In the time of pandemics, we had enough webinars and presentations – we learnt a lot and now is the time to share. Take part in the session and do not miss the opportunity to share your vision of good governance. Networking and participation are among the core values of professional excellence which ICOM promotes so be encouraged to come and discuss the theme with us.

The session is organized with following partners: INTERCOM, CIMAM, ICOM POLAND and ICOM SEE.

Programme on 23 August 14.30 – 16.00

14.30. Introduction by Bart de Baere and Goranka Horjan

14.35. Presentation of the project report “MUSEUM WATCH GOVERNANCE MANAGEMENT PROJECT” by Ian King and Annick Schramme

14.50. Governance panel moderated by Piotr Rypson and Alenka Černelić Krošelj

Panelists: Jean-Paul KOUDOUGOU (Burkina Faso); Martha Ikabongo (Zambia), Reena Dewan (India) and Malgorzata Ludowisiak (Poland)– reflect on governance challenges presented in the publication and questions asked by moderators

15.30. Presentations – moderated by Reena Dewan

Naďa Machková Prajzová, Antonín Šimčík, Leszek Jodliński:  SMART Museum – A Vision of Good Management and Good Governance, Czech Republic,  Founder of MUSE Impact, consultant, MUSE Impact

Shin-Chieh TZENG and Feng-Ying KEN: Good Museum Governance? – Comparative Research into Independent Administrative Institutions in Several Countries, Taiwan, Associate Professor, the Graduate Institute of Conservation of Cultural Relics and Museology, Tainan National University of the Arts

Tugba Tarim: Museums and Regulations: The Romantic Point of View in Museology, Turkey, Museum Researcher, Istanbul University