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May 19, 2020

ICOM SEE Board Meeting Meeting

The members held an online meeting and discussed the topics according to the adopted agenda.

The Chair presented the ICOM SEE News 2019 issue, thanked the members for their help and understanding and explained the reasons for the delay in publishing it.

The Chair welcomed the new members from Greece that had joined the Board in 2019 and attended the meeting for the first time. The new Board Members, Greece representatives Philippos Mazarakis Ainian and Elena Glytsi, briefly introduced themselves.

Sabina Veseli gave a short report on the consequences of the earthquakes in Albania in September and November 2019 and Goranka Horjan on the earthquake in Croatia in March 2020.

On 4 and 5 May, a webinar with ICROM, partners from Croatia and INTERCOM was organized to discuss what action to take and how to manage disasters. An educational workshop at ICOM SEE was proposed. Following Tanja Roženbergar’s question, Goranka Horjan shortly presented the ICOM SEE ‘Museum Emergency Programme’, which included education of experts to continue work in their countries.

The Chair presented the project ‘Museums and Migrations’.

The first part of the project consists of collecting data (help is needed to disseminate the proposal to the museums) and the second part will be a joint exhibition. The Chair asked the members to send comments or suggestions concerning the project proposal via e-mail by Friday, 22 May.

Tanja Roženbergar emphasized the importance of also shaping the specific aims of ICOM SEE.

Goranka Horjan pointed out that ICOM SEE had collaborated in a similar project with ICR in past years (see ICOM News 2018).

15 Years of ICOM SEE:

The first Chair of ICOM SEE, Dr. Mila Popović Ančević, agreed to participate – to give an interview for the ICOM News. Slavko Spasić volunteered to do the interview and take photos.

The Chair asked the members to propose other names – important members from the beginning to the present – to be interviewed for the ICOM SEE News as part of the celebration.

The Chair invited members to join the next-day webinar Museum blisters or how to prevent wasting resources in difficult times!’ to discuss the issues that trouble museum leaders in South East Europe ICOM SEE and INTERCOM. Goranka Horjan briefly presented the webinar programme.

Following Alenka Černelič Krošelj’s call, members (Azra Bečević Šarenkapa, Vergil Stefan Nitulescu, Philippos Mazarakis Ainian, Valeria Suruceanu, Ana Ivanović, Sabina Veseli, Slavko Spasić, Milica Cicmil, Markita Franulič) presented how the IMD was celebrated in their countries and how the museums are coping with the situation and measures against COVID-19.